Greenhouse Equipment

Greenhouse Structures

We provide our customers with a selection of high-quality greenhouse structures in galvanised steel.


Our greenhouse structures are suitable for a range of different climate conditions. They include photovoltaic sheds that will provide ample storage space.


By using our photovoltaic greenhouses, you will ensure that your crops will be exposed to the right environmental conditions.

Plastic Sheeting for Greenhouses

Laflafett Co Ltd provides a variety of plastic sheeting and mulching film of various widths to choose from. These will provide you with the coverage that is necessary for your greenhouse structures.


The thin, durable polyethylene resin of the plastic sheets allows for maximum light transmission, enabling favourable plant growth, helping to sustain a stable greenhouse environment and reducing heat loss.

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Greenhouse Heating & Cooling Systems

We offer a wide range of high-quality heating and cooling equipment for greenhouse structures and nurseries. 


These include a selection of durable circulation and extraction fans that will provide uniform temperature control without releasing any material that would be harmful to the plants. 


Our greenhouse structures will enable you to maintain the optimal environment for plant growth.

Agricultural Supplies